NAAV-1 Specs

So, Why is the NAAV-1 Different than What Is Currently Available?

The NAAV-1 Aims To Solve A few Major problems That Plague Currently Available Similar Technology.

  1. Simplicity

Many Of The Other AATVS Available on the Market Have A Simplicity Problem.

The problem is, they lack it!

The NAAV-1 Aims to solve this by getting rid of all the chains, And reducing the driving wheels to only 1 set, As well as removing the need for a CVT belt driven clutch, thus simplifying the entire drivetrain.

Not only does that help keep maintenance costs low, But it also keeps the amount of fixing and repairing nearly non existent. And when repairs need to be done, parts are much easier to find than most UTVs/ATVs.

2. Reliability

Due to the:

-Deletion of several sets of chains (which have been known to stretch, break, And wreak havoc)

-The simplified, Reinforced drivetrain (Stronger parts, Less Of them)

-Reduction in Driving/ Moving Wheels (From 8 to 2)

-Addition of permanent, Full time tracks (Never Worry About Getting Stuck, And they Wont Come off!)

The NAAV-1 Will surpass the reliability of any currently available AATV/UTV on the north American market

3. Affordability

Affordability is an often overlooked factor that comes into play when designing a machine such as this.

Many companies with an unlimited budget for R&D and the most cutting edge manufacturing systems and parts consider their machines to be just for commercial use, thus increasing the cost massively.

The costs of some of the machines available currently are astronomical, and Wholly unaffordable for the average Canadian who enjoys to get out to the sticks for a weekend of camping, fishing, mudding, rescuing and adventure!

The NAAV-1 Aims to Solve That By Offering A Complete Base Model For $10,999 (Estimated)Canadian

4. Speed

Currently Available AATVs, UTVs And Extreme ATVs Such as the Argo & The legendary SHERP lack any kind of speed. (Not To mention Their Size)

Most top out at somewhere between 30 and 40 km/h, And that leaves the AATV driver in the dust of anyone on a quad or side by side, Essentially confining you to riding only with other UTVs and missing out on adventures.

The NAAV-1 Aims To Solve This Problem by Installing a 4 or 6 cylinder engine that will supply 100+ Horsepower to the tracks, providing the power necessary to reach (and maintain) 60+ Km/h, And plow through any type of terrain, Swamp, tree or Obstacle you encounter, and even keep up with the faster machines, getting you right in the action!

5. Size

The Market for AATVs and UTVs and Extreme ATVS is saturated with extremely wide vehicles that of course provide stability, but lack the ability to fit down quad trails and fit on smaller trailers.

If you have ever had to rescue a quad, Sxs, or something large, or even get a dead dirt bike out of the bush, then you would understand how beneficial this can be!

I wanted this to be able to traverse most places without having to turn back or re route while on the adventure, Due to a narrowing trail.

The NAAV-1 Will Solve This problem, by maintaining the slimmest footprint possible. Between 54 - 60" Wide (with Tracks), Allowing you to fit down almost any ATV trail

Full List of Specs

Seats: 4 - 6 Depending on Seating Arrangement. 3 Options Available

Capacity On Land: 1200-1500+ lbs

Towing Capacity (Land) 1500-2000 lbs

Capacity on Water: 850-1000lbs (estimated)

Length: 9 ft (108")

Width: 5 ft (60" )(Widest point)

Height: 36-40"(No ROPS)

Weight(Estimated):2200 lbs (dry)

Engine: 6 Cylinder or 4 Cylinder (TBD)

Horsepower: 100 - 250+

Drivetrain: Skid Steer/Limited Slip Differential

Transmission: Automatic, RWD

Tire/Rim Size: 12" rims / 21" tires

Axles on 24" centers

Full Time, 14" wide , Cleated Tracks

Top Speed land: 60+ km/h

Top Speed Water: 3-5 Km/h

Top Speed Water, With outboard: 12-15 km/h

Base Model Does not include ROPS Roll Cage, Outboard boat Motor, Winches, Radio, Heater, Canopy etc.