NAAV-1 History

Where It All Started:

I have been a bike builder, Welder, Fabricator, backyard Engineer, And Dare I say Inventor for some time already and have come up with some pretty cool machines.

In my years I have built a repertoire of tools, skills, and knowledge that have given me the inspiration to build something different.

Since I was young, When I had my first ride on an argo 8x8, I have always wanted an amphibious vehicle/AATV that can go anywhere, And for several years I was in and out of peoples yards and shops looking at argos, and constantly browsing kijiji for the right deal.

Came close a few times to picking one up, but the deal was never right. And for that I am glad.

The currently available models of AATVS have many drawbacks such as being too wide to fit on quad trails, Being overly complicated and slow, and being unaffordable to the average Canadian.

Enter the NAAV-1.

Based off several ideas from the Russians (arguably the world experts on tracked machines), and many home built contraptions, Combined with the unique needs of Canadian adventurers...

After over a year of designing, research and planning, The NAAV-1 Is Coming Soon!

NAAV-1 Technical drawing

Where we are today

Update 2022

Due to several factors, Construction has not begun. Mainly, i need to get my bus out of the way.

Heading into this spring i will get the bus running, and then will be able to focus on this more.

As Of Dec 2020- Jan 2021 The Design phases are mostly complete, and sourcing of parts has began.

The Build Will Commence As Soon As Possible.

The tracks will be by far the most time consuming, so those will likely be one of the first parts to be manufactured.

Currently Looking At Solutions to Store An Extra vehicle to Remove the Engine and drive train..

Stay Tuned!