How Far Along On the NAAV-1 Project Are you Currently?

I Will Be updating the build As I go on my YouTube Channel. Head over there to See What's happening!

Also Check Out My Website And Blog For more!

Where Are You Located? Where Will I Be Able to Get A NAAV-1?

Khaos Bikes garage is located in Calgary Alberta Canada, And the main testing ground is Mclean Creek.

When they are finally available, They will be available for pickup, or shipping from Calgary.

How Much Will The NAAV-1 Cost?

I Am Aiming for a base model price of $10,999 CAD for the full size 8 wheel version.

Can The NAAV-1 Be Used Without The Tracks?

The NAAv-1 is Designed to operate with tracks on 100% of the time. This allows the level of complexity to be reduced on the drivetrain, in turn reducing down time, repairs, and maintenance costs.

The tracks are designed in such a way that you never have to worry about them trying come off inadvertently during operation in tough conditions.

What Type of Engines Do You Use?

The NAAV-1 is designed for reliability in extreme conditions, Adventure and excitement.

To be able to supply all of those things, The engine must be extremely reliable, Powerful, and easy to work on with minimal maintenance.

This is why i chose to use small truck and car engines. They are readily available, As are the parts for them. Most parts can be found from an auto value instead of a specialty AATV parts supplier.

What Is The Top Speed?

The NAAV-1 is capable of reaching 60+ Km/h On Land, 3-5 Km/h On water, And 12-15 km/h With an outboard motor on the water.

What Does NAAV Stand For?

NAAV Has 2 Meanings. The Original meaning is Not An Armored vehicle.

The Newer Meaning it has Taken on is New Amphibious Adventure vehicle

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